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Healthy lifestyle


Enjoying an active life again within weeks of the operation

My recollection as a young man was being able to pee over a five bar gate onto a mushroom on the other side. However, during the years prior to my operation I found it difficult to pee on to a mushroom six inches from my feet. It gives me great pleasure to now record, following my operation, that I am now able to circumnavigate the above gate once again. Yip-pee! Within 3 weeks I was playing golf again. Within a week I was walking quite briskly and swimming as well. And within 4 weeks I was performing again with my dear wife. I have to record that I was wrong to put off this operation for so long. When I think back at the disturbed nights peeing 3 or 4 times if I was lucky, 3 total blockages when I had to have a catheter inserted, watching out for when and what I had to drink. It really was not worth the delay. So to Mr Aho and his team very many thanks. You did a splendid job and I shall be eternally grateful. 

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