We are able to offer face to face, telephone, video consultations for new and follow up patients
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Second Opinions

We are happy for patients to come and see us for a second opinion. This may be because they want confirmation that a diagnosis or treatment plan that they have been given elsewhere is right for them, or because they have been unhappy with treatment that they have received or that has been proposed elsewhere. It is quite natural that some patients wish to seek a second opinion, and we believe that it is important for all patients to feel that they have explored all avenues before settling on a particular treatment course. Likewise, we are always happy to refer our patients for a second opinion, either to another specialist within our partnership or elsewhere. Most insurance companies are happy to cover the cost of a second opinion.

It is important for you to bring as much clinical information with you when you come, even if this has been sent by your own specialist or GP. This will include details of any treatments already given, the results of blood tests, urine tests, scans (including ultrasound, CT, MRI, and bone scans), and any pathology results. We can arrange for any pathology to be reviewed by our own specialist urological pathologist, and any scans or X-rays by our own urological radiologists. Please bring the scans with you, either in their X-ray packet or on a CD.

For more information, please give us a call on 0800 756 7771