We are able to offer face to face, telephone, video consultations for new and follow up patients
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Our Approach

Our approach is “team-based”, meaning that no matter who you are referred to initially, you will see the specialist best able to manage your condition, and will also have access to a range of other specialists, each with their own area of expertise, should this be necessary.

We put you at the centre. From the moment that you are referred to us, we hope that you will feel that we care about you and your problems. You will be given a choice of clinic appointments so you should be able to find a time that suits you, and you will be given the choice of where you would like to be seen. Where possible we will try to arrange the tests which you need to investigate your symptoms on the day of your clinic visit, thus reducing the number of visits required. This helps us to get to the bottom of your symptoms more quickly, and will hopefully minimise your anxiety.