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Instructions for Patients

It is important that you read your appointment letter carefully, as this should have any instructions on what you need to do before you attend the clinic.

We recommend that all insured patients inform their insurers and get an authorisation code prior to their appointment. All new patients coming to the clinic are asked to bring a fresh urine sample with them. This needs to be done in a sterile container that can be obtained from your GP.

If you have been referred because of difficulties passing urine, with lower urinary tract symptoms, a history of urinary infection or to investigate the possibility of prostate cancer (because, for example, your PSA is raised), then we would ask you to complete an IPSS symptoms scoring sheet prior to attending, and to come to the clinic with a comfortably full bladder, so that you can do a flow test for us when you arrive. Please let the nurse know when you arrive if you are desperate to pass urine so that we can perform the test in good time.

If you have copies of previous X-rays or scans, please do not forget to bring them with you.

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