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Attending Your Appointment

It is helpful if you can arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment so that the hospital can ensure that it has all of the information they require and that the urine sample which we ask you to bring with you can be tested. Patients who require an X-ray prior to their appointment will have been told about this and should aim to arrive 30 minutes before their appointment time.

We recommend that patients bring with them a relative or friend so that they have a “second pair of ears” and support. It is often difficult to take in a lot of information during your appointment, and there may be lots of questions you want to ask. Having a friend or relative with you should mean that you will remember more of what is said and feel more able to ask questions. It is important that you bring your referral letter if this has not already been sent through by your GP. Also please bring a list of any medication you are currently taking.

All new patients should bring a fresh urine sample with them. This should be in a container that can be obtained from your GP’s surgery. As part of your appointment, some of our patients will be asked to do a urinary flow test when they come to the clinic. Therefore, if you can come to the clinic with a comfortably full bladder that would be helpful. Please let the nurse know when you arrive if you are desperate to pass urine so that we can perform the test in good time.

If you are being referred for a second opinion, please bring details of previous treatments and pathology results, as well as the results and the copies of any scans already taken (on a CD or memory stick or paper format).

Please leave plenty of time to arrive on time for your appointment. If you are going to be late, then please try and let the hospital where your appointment is booked know. We try to keep our appointments running to time, but you will appreciate that some patients need longer than others because of the nature of their condition, and so in some instances appointments may overrun. We ask you for your understanding.

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