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Back to a normal family life thanks to expert help from Cambridge Urology Partnership

Before the operation I was getting up at least 3 times during the night. I had to urinate very frequently during the day. I knew the location of all the Public Gents in Cambridge and all the pubs where you could use the Gents without buying any beer. Urination flow was poor and incomplete with dribbling. Erections poor and not long lasting. (I was) increasingly very tired and weedy, unable to cycle because of soreness. Everything (was) an effort. Four months after the operation: Urine flow excellent, with good immediate force, no interruptions and no dribbling. Much longer periods between urination. Some nights I sleep through without wakening. Erections excellent. Much more energy, back to cycling and gardening. I feel as though I have been rescued from poisoning and liberated back to a normal life. My family join me in thanking you very much indeed for the expert help you gave me during the recent operation. 

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