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Successful HoLEP surgery with no side effects and at a reasonable fee

Presenting problem: Significant prostate bleeding and very large prostate despite previous prostate vaporisation procedure. My experience started some 5000 miles from the shores of the UK. Early one morning I noticed that my urine was bright red. There was obviously something very wrong and I would need urgent medical assistance to stop the bleeding. My local doctors successfully accomplished this but informed me that I would need to have an operation to reduce the size of my prostate. In the process of deliberation over where this procedure should be done, we discovered through the marvel of the internet the HoLEP procedure (Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate) at the Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital, where one of the best HoLEP centres is located. My prostate was about 10 times the normal size. Coincidentally I had earlier been referred to the same hospital to have a cataract operation on both my eyes. The challenge was whether the consultants and supporting medical staff from two separate disciplines were in a position to coordinate their surgical procedures within a given time scale, particularly as the prostate operation called for prompt action. All in all, three surgical operations were carried out within an eight day period and I can testify that all were remarkably successful. Throughout the process I experienced little or no pain; and I only spent about three days in hospital. My prostate has been successfully reduced in size and all functions have returned to normal with no side effects. According to my consultant surgeon (Mr Tevita Aho), I should never need to have another intervention for prostate problems. Finally you may be interested to know that I did not have to mortgage our home or the grandchildren’s inheritance to accomplish this feat. The medical bills were all inclusive, modest in their amount and were easily settled within my credit card limit. 

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