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Back home within 10 days after 'light years better treatment' in the UK

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the results from my HoLEP surgery – for more than a decade I had to sit to urinate (couldn’t get enough stream going to stand) and now I feel like a boy again! Having researched the HoLEP procedure on-line, I was aware of your renowned reputation in the field so your excellent skills and experience as a surgeon and urologist were to be expected but I was pleasantly surprised to find you also had such a wonderful rapport with your patient easily explaining everything so clearly and taking the time to answer any and all questions). All phases of my treatment – from when I originally contacted Janice at Cambridge Urology Partners to arrange the surgery,the admission and pre-op at Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital, the surgery and recovery, to the final post-op appointment – were superb. The efficiency and helpfulness of everyone involved were truly impressive.

Following the successful surgery, I was able to be released earlier than expected the next day since I was “voiding successfully” within 7 hours of the catheter being removed and I did not have to use any pain medication at all after the surgery. Since you were able to remove the uric acid kidney stone lingering in my bladder during the procedure, that was a huge added benefit! It was also so considerate of you to schedule the post-op appointment back at Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital since that was more convenient for me (how often do you find specialists doing that? – definitely would never find that happening where I live).
The surgery was August 18 and I was back home in South Carolina by the night of August 27 still amazed at how great my waterworks are functioning. Again, many thanks to you and your team for everything – I am so grateful that I chose to come to Cambridge for treatment (it was a fraction of what it would have cost here in the U.S. and was light years better treatment).

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