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Life returns to normal thanks to Cambridge Urology Partnership's professional skills

Dear Mr Armitage,

I have just received a letter from you informing me that the tissue analysis from my prostate was clear of cancer. That has been good news for me but it also provides an opportunity to thank you formally for your, and for your team’s professional skills.

I was not clear which type of operation I was going to get on my enlarged prostate but I’d looked you up beforehand on line and was hopeful for laser surgery and relieved when you offered it. In the event the results were quite remarkable. From the very beginning, my urine flow was incredibly strong. It must have been like that when I was young but I can’t remember! Frequency reverted quickly to normal. (I had been going every hour prior to my prostate giving out.) My urine cleared of blood within 2-3 weeks and of scabs from the remodelled prostate in about 4. Even my sex life has been completely normal.

None of this could have happened without what you did. My father had the same condition as me and was operated on in 1963. It changed his life, albeit he made the absolute best of it. In my case it seems to have returned my life to normal.

Once more, many thanks

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