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Success after vas reversal

Dear Mr Wiseman,

As you will probably remember, you performed a vasectomy reversal on me last year. We had a follow-up appointment in January, after which we put off trying to conceive a baby until after our wedding. (Dicey, but we had to wait.) Anyway, we tried to conceive while we were on honeymoon and it worked right away — my wife is now 13 weeks along, we’ve had the first scan at the Rosie, and — fingers crossed! — everything looks fine so far!

Thank you so much for your phenomenal intervention. From our first meeting, you explained everything with such clarity and compassion that I felt relaxed, informed, and positive about the process from start to finish; and of course your expertise as a surgeon, along with the great facilities at the Nuffield, have made it possible for us to have a baby. It would be difficult to exaggerate the importance to us of your work — you have, of course, quite literally made life possible. Thank you so much, from both of us.

We’ll keep you posted on how it goes. And thanks to everyone at the Nuffield and at Bourn Hall who with patience (much patience!) and kindness steered us along.

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