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Expert Witness for Fertility Road readers

28th March 2014

Consultant urologist Oliver Wiseman was recently featured in Fertility Road magazine, answering readers’ questions about male fertility issues. Oliver believes that some men are still being told they will never be biological fathers even thought the reason for their infertility may be treatable, and is one of only a few fertility specialists with a urology background who focuses on male fertility.

The biggest brerakthrough in male infertility came with a technique called ICSI (intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection) where a healthy sperm is injected into an egg during IVF treatment. Yet more than 21 years after the birth of the first ICSI baby, male infertility is still poorly understood and many non-specialists are unaware of the recent developments that can help men with little or no sperm become fathers.

Topics raised by readers in the question and answer session covered a range of topics including the effect of cycling on male fertility, how to boost your sperm count and advice on vasectomy reversal. 

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