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New haematuria awareness campaign and bladder cancer charity

21st March 2012

As part of a new initiative to raise awareness about the early signs of cancer the Department of Health is promoting a Be Clear on Cancer Campaign and will pilot awareness about haematuria as a way of focusing on early detection for bladder and renal cancer. This follows on from a successful campaign about blood in stools related to bowel cancer. This showed a beneficial effect with increased presentation of patients to their GP with symptoms when piloted in the South West.

In conjunction a new national charity “Action on Bladder Cancer” has been set up and John Kelly, CUP partner, has been involved as a founding trustee. The aim of ABC is to improve the lives of people with bladder cancer. As well as information for healthcare professionals the web site will provide support for patients and families with online information about procedures, what to expect, and links to support groups.

Each year, 11,000 patients are diagnosed with bladder cancer in the UK. Many patients have superficial (non muscle invasive disease) and do not progress to invasive disease but require lifelong surveillance for recurrence. The ABC charity aims to provide a UK resource and already the feedback from patients is very encouraging. At Cambridge Urology Partnership we can provide patients with haematuria a fast-track service, and they will be seen in a one-stop clinic. Please contact us for further information.

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