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Oliver Wiseman presents his work at The European Association of Urology Meeting in Munich.

2nd May 2016

March 2016: Oliver Wiseman, Cambridge Urology Partnership partner, had several papers, including research that he has been involved in as part of The British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) PCNL data publication, presented at the EAU Meeting. This is the largest urological meeting in Europe, with approximately 14000 attendees.

There were a total of four posters presented on the work from the BAUS database. These were:

1: Antibiotic prescribing pre-PCNL: What affects clinical decision making and what effect do pre-

operative antibiotics have on post-operative infection rates: Data from the BAUS national PCNL



2: Demographics and comorbidities of 5000 patients undergoing PCNL from a national database


3: Assessing the Volume-Outcome Relationship for PCNL in 2014 -Analysis using BAUS Registry Data

of over 2000 Cases


4: PCNL access by Urologist or Radiologist: An analysis of the BAUS PCNL Registry


Additionally work which he has been involved with in trialling a new single-use ureteroscope, LithoVue, was presented, and he also had the opportunity to discuss his experience in being the first surgeon in the UK to use this new equipment. 

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